Announcing "Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost & Found"

Milk Eggs VodkaWe now interrupt this normally useful weblog with a blatant self-link from xBlog editor Bill Keaggy: Today my book is released. It's based on one of my web sites,, and is published by HOW Books (publishers of Print and HOW magazines and a wonderful variety of design books).

"Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost & Found" features nearly 300 discarded grocery lists from all over the U.S. — and a few from around the globe. The foreword is written by Jim Coudal, of Coudal Partners and Museum of Online Museums fame. Sorted into surprisingly obvious chapters (lists with poor spelling, healthy vs. unhealthy lists, lists made by elderly people or people planning parties, lists with drawings, doodles and notes on them, etc.), each list is displayed, dissected and commented on. You'll probably never leave your list in the grocery cart again.

Where else will you find a 2,000-year-old grocery list, lists from all 50 U.S. states, the most commonly misspelled words on Americans' shopping lists, delicious recipes made using only ingredients listed on other people's discarded lists, a shoplifting list and a chance meeting with Chevy Chase in the bathroom at Yankee Stadium? Where? (Probably nowhere.)

But why collect found grocery lists? Because lists tell us a lot about our neighbors, our friends, our ancestors, our species and ourselves. They're supposed to be private and that's why it's so enjoyable to look through the ones that people discard — unless one of those lists happens to be yours. Then it might not be so enjoyable, because if there's one thing I like more than finding a lost grocery list — it's making fun of it.

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I also made a promo site at (with a new blog here to document the weird journey of releasing and promoting the book). This was an extremely fun project to work on — and I think you'll find it pretty fun to read as well. If you like food, freaks and/or Found Magazine, you'll dig this.

—Bill Keaggy