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Blog post removed

02-21-2013 | Bill Keaggy | Test 1
We're sorry.  This blog post has been removed.  Return to xBlog home page.
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Review - iOS tools Digital Capture

At XPLANE, we design experiences. To help us do that we use a number of iOS apps as digital capture and documenting tools in order to take advantage of ins
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XPLANE Designer Completes 48 Hour Film Project

08-10-2012 | Bill Keaggy | Test 1
Could there be a movie star amongst us? In mid-August, XPLANE Associate Creative Director Marvin Gaviola, participated in the 48 Hour Film Project in Port
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Fetzer Institute Selects XPLANE to Inspire Audiences at its First Annual Global Gathering

08-05-2012 | Bill Keaggy | Test 1
XPLANE has been selected by the Fetzer Institute, a leading global organization supporting social transformation, to develop an inspiring video for its Sep
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City of West Sacramento Enlists XPLANE to Meet Mayors Challenge

08-03-2012 | Bill Keaggy | Test 1
XPLANE is excited to be selected by the City of West Sacramento to lead the development of an application for the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge, a contest or
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XPLANE Honors Happy Cup Coffee Company for its Community Service

07-30-2012 | Bill Keaggy | Test 1
In the first of a new series of Inspiring Talks at XPLANE, we invited Charley Austin of Happy Cup Coffee Company to share their story with us, as well as s
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XPLANE Holds Olympics Visual Thinking School

07-12-2012 | Bill Keaggy | Test 1
It might not be crushing swimming world records, playing volleyball in the sand or doing back flips on a balance beam, but XPLANE has been enjoying some Ol
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Storyboard Central

06-02-2010 | Bill Keaggy | Test 1
Lots of quick tips, trick, profiles and samples over at Storyboard Central. Part 'History of', part showcase, part bitch fest... a place for those interes
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XPLANE joins Dachis Group

The acquisition was announced this morning -- this is exciting news for all of us! More info here: Dachis Group acquires XPLANE and be sure to check out th
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Touch Gesture Reference Guide

Well, this looks quite nice. The Touch Gesture Reference Guide is a unique set of resources for software designers and developers working on touch-based us
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