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Inside Pixar's Leadership

Haven't watched this yet but very much looking forward to it after reading some excerpts over at Scott Berkun's blog. There were plenty of high profile peo
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Great set of design accidents, homages, inspirations and appropriations. The pairs of images in this "Similarities" set are similar visually in one way or
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The Vignelli Twelve

04-19-2010 | Bill Keaggy | Test 1
Thoughts from I love typography... Though I have the utmost respect for Massimo Vignelli, and am a fan of his work, his we use too many typefaces is just p
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"Different" by Youngme Moon

03-14-2010 | Bill Keaggy | Test 1
Youngme Moon of the Harvard Business School collaborated with XPLANE to create this video introducing her new book, DIFFERENT, an intimately drawn meditati
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Information is beautiful: 30 examples of creative infography

A quick roundup of some recent information design projects seen around the web: Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to do client work on an infograph
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Business clichés visual find-it poster

01-07-2010 | Bill Keaggy | Test 1
In case you missed it, last month we sent out our 2009/2010 holiday greeting. Actually, it was more "greeting" than "holiday" -- and maybe more "beating" t
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Victorian Infographics

Check out this sampling of beautiful vintage information design over at the always-excellent BibliOdyssey: The David Rumsey Map Collection has now been onl
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Assorted Infotoons by lunchbreath

I love these funny graphics -- they're kind of like a cross between Goopy and Indexed. Be absolutely sure to check out Mindmapping. (Via Chris Glass)
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New project: The Carbon Economy

11-05-2009 | Bill Keaggy | Test 1
For the second time in recent months XPLANE has partnered with The Economist to create a compelling video on a topic of global importance. After working to
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David Allen releases The Ultimate GTD Workflow Map, designed by XPLANE

10-08-2009 | Bill Keaggy | Test 1
The David Allen Company: "If you ever feel like you need to get more in control or regain your focus, here is the ultimate guide for getting and staying on
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