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Take Activation to The Next Level: The Key to Implementing Company-Wide Change

02-27-2017 | Jacob O'Brien | Change

This article was written by Jacob O'BrienLauren Gantner, and Sara Mesing,

Your organization is made up of humans with different motives, different methods of communication, and different levels of understanding around your goals. If you want to make a large change in your business strategy, internal processes, or company culture, it’s vital that your employees deeply understand their part in the new way of working. One-way communication from the top down falls flat. People need communication tailored for outlining what they need to know and what’s in it for them.

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From Data to Stories: How to Make Your Metrics More People-Centered

11-23-2016 | Jacob O'Brien | Strategy

So often data is overwhelming. It comes to executives in an incomprehensible wall of data, as a spreadsheet, or as a lengthy deck with poorly conceived charts and graphs that are equally confusing. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Great data storytelling shows a meaningful and clear relationship with the reality it represents. People should be able to quickly and clearly understand how that data relates to a goal or a strategy, so they can actually take action to reach that goal or implement that strategy.
Over the last two decades, XPLANE has developed a framework that allows us to turn complex data into stories that are at the right level and with the right narrative arc for the audience to clearly understand the story.

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