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Culture Fit (And How To Misuse The Term)

07-05-2016 | Kathryn Jarrell | Culture

The definitions of organizational culture vary and in some cases the meaning is debatable.

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Three Ways Your Organization May Be Misusing the Word Culture

02-02-2016 | Kathryn Jarrell | Culture

The definition of organizational culture varies and in some cases the meaning is debatable. Organizational culture is commonly defined as the human behaviors within an organization and the underlying values that keep those behaviors in place.

If you do not clearly define and visualize your organization’s culture, people will define it themselves. This can be a problem because everyone will describe the culture with different language and meanings and, more importantly, they will define or think of culture in different ways.

There are three common mis-uses of the term culture that employees and organizations should watch out for:

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Organizational Minimalism and the Art of Subtraction

01-09-2015 | Kathryn Jarrell | Process
Tis the season for home organization, cleaning up, and cleaning out. I, like many people, spent my time over the break battling the crowds at big box store
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How To Design An Effective Meeting

Meetings get a bad rap. Late or inattentive attendees, endless recapping and talking in circles with little or no progress made, a waste of everyone’s time.  It’s enough to make you ask, "should we abandon meetings all together?"

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