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Senior Manager of Employee Experience

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Unicorn Hunting: How I Spot the Right Candidate in a Sea of Donkeys

05-26-2015 | Katie Augsburger | Culture
I have seen a lot of disasters when it comes to interviews. I have had candidates cry; I have had them tell me about strange medical oddities; I have even
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Five Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job: Debunked

04-24-2015 | Katie Augsburger | Culture
Being in HR is one of those jobs; like being in the medical profession, you end up answering a lot of people’s personal questions at dinner parties.
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How to Avoid Being “That HR Person” in Three Simple Steps

01-09-2015 | Katie Augsburger | News
Many of my friends have an almost visceral negative reaction when I suggest they look at going into the HR profession. Mainly, I assume, because of the pic
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Solving for Singles, How To Have A Parent Friendly Work Environment That Benefits Everyone

09-25-2014 | Katie Augsburger | Test 1
Just as you stand up from your final bow after implementing a new family friendly work policy, you feel the white hot glare of all the single people in you
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5 Ways HR is Ruining Your Culture and Your Career

08-12-2014 | Katie Augsburger | Test 1
Let me first start by saying I love being an HR professional.  I love the insight that the profession gives you into a company and it’s employee
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Portland, Where Young People Go To … Work? Building a Hipster Friendly Work Environment

05-22-2014 | Katie Augsburger | Test 1
It has been said that Portland is where America’s youth goes to retire.  Our coffee, beer, and bike culture has made Portland the destination of
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