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The Silent Killer of Flat Teams: What You Failed To Put In When You Took Out The Boss

10-30-2016 | Nina Narelle | Culture


The Complexity We Solve For

From global enterprise systems to startups, companies are working in the most complex and rapidly shifting environment ever. With the unprecedented level of global connectivity and technological innovation, what will happen tomorrow is anyone’s guess. Organizations that can’t be responsive to their customers and the market will be left in the dust. You’ve probably heard the staggering statistic that the average life expectancy of a company in the S&P 500 is now hovering around 15 years. This is serious.

In response to this external complexity, we increasingly see companies leveraging the power of flat teams. Structuring for horizontal teams allow us to bring together far-flung expertise in the organization, be more responsive to customer needs and changes in the environment, or just get things done quickly without getting lost in the bureaucracy of our organizations. By design, these teams hold the promise of agility, innovation, and speed, the magic trifecta in today’s rapidly shifting markets. 

We structure these teams horizontally because we recognize that the unique perspective and knowledge of each member of that team is required to address the complexity of their task. We recognize no one person has the ability or insight sufficient to successfully tell the group how to solve the problem or accomplish the task. 


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