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XPLANE Hosts Open House for DWP 2014

XPLANE is a business design consultancy. The definition of what we do is a result of the evolution in the definition of the word, ​&ldq
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Design Week Portland 2014

09-20-2014 | Sara Mesing | News

You are invited to XPLANE's Open House Monday, October 6 from 4p-7p! Bring your thinking cap and your opinions. This event will be participatory and co-created with Portland’s own design talent, freelancers, contractors, and whoever else shows up at our door.
XPLANE is a business design consultancy. We help large organizations clarify, communicate, and achieve their goals. What we do and how we do it is a result of an evolution of the definition of the word “design.” Our definition of what we do includes our view on what behaviors are called upon to design for clarity, alignment, and results in business. Through the showcase of these behaviors that we rely on for client work, we want you to walk away with an understanding of what design consulting is, how XPLANE approaches it, and where you might fit.

We look forward to seeing all of you awesome people durning Design Week Portland!

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XPLANE Produces Infographic for T Rowe Price

08-21-2014 | Sara Mesing | Culture
XPLANE helped T. Rowe Price Retirement Plan Services develop an infographic to communicate to plan sponsors and advisors about their new retiree spending r
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Convergence: It’s About Who You Are and the Experience You Create

If you read that headline out of context, you might guess that it was in reference to a carpe diem-type affirmation. Or perhaps you’d assume it was f
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Service Design, in brief

02-13-2014 | Sara Mesing | Test 1
What is Service Design anyway? My favorite definition comes from Live Work, a creative agency in the UK that has really furthered the evolution of Service
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Heed Your Call, David Howitt's Modern Manifesto

02-13-2014 | Sara Mesing | Test 1
In his provocative and life-shifting book, Heed Your Call, Howitt cites countless examples in which empathy and compassion make all the differe
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Design for America Creators Exchange

01-21-2014 | Sara Mesing | Test 1
Design for America (DFA) is a national nonprofit organization that grew out of Northwestern University in 2009. The mission of DFA is to educate students a
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