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Treat Your Employees Like Children: How Parenting, Brain Evolution, and Behavioral Science Can Create Successful Cultural Change

11-23-2016 | Tanner Bechtel | Culture

That large, squishy mass of matter in your head was originally designed to solve problems related to living in an outdoor environment and to do so in nearly constant motion. That’s what John Medina says in his ultra-compelling book Brain Rules. That’s a far stretch from the mind-numbing, conference-calling, PowerPoint-watching requirements we levy upon it in the contemporary business world. 

The behavioral science community at large is mostly unified in the belief that the human brain can change over time. It can, through a series of methodical practices, explorations, and guidance, be redesigned in function and belief. This is how we all learn to read, keep quiet in the library, speak up for injustice, and stay between the lines on the freeway. It gives us a body of wisdom and reason. It’s why we don’t step into traffic; we’ve adjusted our brains to symbiotically operate within the loose confines of our independently explorable world. We learn all these things through replication and repetition over a lifetime of watching and listening to others. Pretty cool that it’s that simple, right? 

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