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Bored? Try Doodling To Keep The Brain On Task

“To understand where the compulsion to doodle comes from, the first thing you need to do is look more closely at what happens to the brain when it becomes bored. According to Jackie Andrade, a professor of psychology at the University of Plymouth, though many people assume that the brain is inactive when they’re bored, the reverse is actually true.”

Mister Retro: Permanent Press Image Filter

“Vintage offset printing and ink effects for any design, photograph, type treatment or image in Photoshop.

Realizing that printing technology has left printed work without the texture, soul, or the spirit of vintage printing, Mister Retro created Permanent Press!

Take any design, photograph, type treatment, or image and transport to another time and aesthetic with our powerful and easy-to-use plug-in GUI interface. We spent thousands of hours developing this one of a kind plug-in sure to bring your work to the next level.”

Halftone How-To

Dan Zettwoch: “I reckon I’m a little bit too young to have used actual store bought halftone paper, like the legendary (and out of business) Zip-a-Tone, which was clear plastic adhesive sheets with black dots printed on them in a variety of spacings. For a while though, I made my own “poor man’s Zip-a-Tone” out of laserjet transparencies and paste them right on my inked art with glue-sticks (see above). This was punk but messy and time-consuming to I moved to “thinking man’s Zip-a-Tone” which involves a computer (“rich man’s Zip-a-Tone?”). Here’s my process…”


“If there was ever an illustration with my name on it, it was this one I did for the Riverfront Times talking about this upcoming event at the St. Louis History Museum. James Eads + Ulysses S. Grant + Civil War Ironclad battleships = LET’S GO!!!”

Grassroots Comics

“World Comics is a non-profit organization in Finland and India that promotes the use of local comics as a means for social change. Grassroots Comics: A Development Communication Tool (PDF) is a free, downloadable manual for other non-governmental organizations about developing comics with community activists for use in their campaigns. See examples of grassroots comics in India and Africa, as well as videos and posters from grassroots comics workshops.”


“It’s an Online Comic Strip, Made by YOU! Got a funny joke or a story to tell? Get ready to share it in a whole new way. Our FREE online toys make it FAST, FUN and EASY to create awesome comics.”