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Getty Images + Flickr Make a Deal

“Getty and Flickr have just entered into an exclusive partnership to sell Flickr images.

Here\'s how it\'ll work:

  1. Getty editors will scour Flickr for images they deem saleable
  2. They\'ll contact photographers whose images are selected to see if they want to make them available for licensing by Getty Images
  3. Assuming the photographer says yes, the images become available through Getty\'s Flickr collection, and accessible to all their existing customers in the image licensing space

It remains to be seen how many images Getty will select, what deal they\'ll offer photographers, and how they\'ll select images. But people have been wondering what impact Flickr would have on the stock photography space for years, and this is a pretty interesting deal!”

A Savvy Approach to Copyright Messaging

“I\'m a photographer. I\'m also a web geek. And those two sides of my brain sometimes fight with each other.

As a photographer, I\'m outraged when people grab photos off the web and use them without consideration of copyright. I\'ve been fighting this “It\'s on the internet, so it must be free!” ignorance for more than a decade.

As a web geek, I love the freedom of the web. I love that I can share my work with the whole world, for free. This is the great gift of the internet.

So what to do?”

Whose Red Cross to Bear?

“In early August, the medical supplies and drug firm Johnson & Johnson sued the American Red Cross over the right to use the red-cross emblem. Most of us had assumed that the red cross, seen on ambulances and first-aid kits, was a universal symbol of succor to the suffering. But like any graphic symbol, the red cross turns out to have more meanings and more history than would at first appear. And the rights to use this symbol are equally complicated—a reminder that many graphic symbols have more complex stories than we expect.”

Researcher: Optimal copyright term is 14 years

“It’s easy enough to find out how long copyrights last, but much harder to decide how long they should last—but that didn’t stop Cambridge University PhD candidate Rufus Pollock from using economics formulas to answer the question. In a newly-released paper, Pollock pegs the “optimal level for copyright” at only 14 years.”

Copyright: get to know the facts

“…taking a ‘I don\'t need to file copyright applications’ attitude can often come back to haunt you. The reason for this, under the US Copyright Act, is that registration of the copyright within ninety (90) days of publication (or before infringement takes place) is necessary to enable the copyright owner to receive what are referred to as ‘statutory damages.’”

When Cory Doctorow Ruled the World

“Interviewing Cory Doctorow is easy. You just flip the on switch by asking the first question, and he emits a constant stream of brilliant, insightful stuff. Editing interviews with Doctorow is easy as well. He generally speaks in coherent, whole sentences and frequently expresses complex ideas for some length that don\'t get lost mid-paragraph. So it\'s a pleasure to present this conversation…”