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40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

“So way back in April, I first had the idea of editing together inspirational speeches. Since then, the Dow has dropped 3,000 points and one million jobs have been lost. The people of the United States are now a ragtag bunch of scruffy underdogs, down by three touchdowns at halftime, with a whole horde of orcs waiting for us right outside those locker room doors. Inspiration has become something we need. (By the way, you couldn\'t tell because it started the sentence, but ‘Inspiration’ was capitalized.)

What I\'m trying to say is, I may have just single-handedly saved the economy with this montage…”

Layer Tennis season finale

This is not just “one to watch,” it’s two to watch! Awesome.

“An end of the season Layer Tennis Playoff Fiasco! Two matches at once! Anything can happen. Chris Glass vs Shaun Inman with commentary by John Gruber plus at the very same time Jason Koxvold vs James Hutchinson with commentary by the Dean of Layer-By-Layer Commentary, Rosecrans Baldwin. Coin flips coming. We’re declaring tomorrow a holiday. In-office drinking commences if and when one of the matches reaches Layer 7.”


“The latest addition to the 100% portfolio is a lamp in shape of – you guessed it – a lamp. A wonderful idea that causes irritated looks followed by broad grinning. Born out of the fact that light bulbs have become a commodity product, that lead a pretty neglected life, only in our focus when it breaks and when we usually don’t have the correct replacement on hand. We are much more intrigued by the surrounding of the lightbulb, the shape of the shade or the way it is held, or the size… All of that casual usage of the common bulb will now change, and it will be displayed for what it is.”

Child Artwork Jewelry

“If you talk to any mother who no longer has school aged children, they will tell you how they long for the quiet, simple days, when their children used to give them works of art they created with their own tiny hands and a box of crayons… As time passed those works of art became misplaced, or even thrown out. Now there is a way to preserve these memories forever, with the permanence of sterling silver. Create a heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation, with your own Child Artwork Pin.”

Trading Partners

“Creative people want to express that creativity. Meanwhile, they need to make a living — possibly by finding an audience for some buyable form of that creativity. This is an old predicament, but the Internet enables new experiments in resolving it — like the Swap Meat, a project of a Web site called Coudal Partners is a small firm based in Chicago that does branding and design work for clients and has also created products of its own. is certainly a promotional tool for the firm, but just as certainly a constantly updated trove of interesting links and cleverly entertaining goof-off projects. Which is more or less how the Swap Meat started.”

Making Happy

“I came across a link to Stefan Sagmeister’s presentation at TED more than once—and it lingered in a back tab of my browser waiting to be fired up. Usually this means I’ll get overwhelmed and just close everything down, but it took two reputable reads (Swiss Miss and Greg Storey) to force me to carve out the 15 minutes to watch it… The point is, I really enjoyed Stefan’s talk and I’m glad this material is available online. If you don’t have the time to watch it, here’s a list from Sagemeister’s diary: Complaining is silly. Either act or forget…”

The Swap Meat

Coudal rocks the swap: “Send us some of the stuff you made for yourselves, that you’re selling or giving away. You’re going to have to trust us on this, but we’ll  check out what you send and then send you back some  stuff of approximately equal value. That might be  stuff we received from someone else or some of our  stuff, or some combination of the two.”

The tailrace tunnel of Niagara Falls

Holy crap! “Behind the raging horseshoe falls of Niagara there lurks a dormant monster, a century old redbrick tunnel painstakingly laid. There is no recorded tally of its human cost but in 1906 it would be the biggest tunnel of its type in the world. Like the secret hideout of a supervillain it defies belief and comprehension, a stronghold behind the crashing waterfall.”