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Waffle House grill cook cheat sheet

“This is a photograph of a Waffle House grill cook’s cheat sheet. The photographs indicate the way in which a cook marks his orders. These secret plate markers allow a Waffle House cook to simultaneously prepare multiple customer orders at once. Let me give you an example. If I were to order three scrambled eggs, dry wheat toast, and hash browns, the waitress would face the grill and yell out loud — ‘Mark: Triple scrambled dry wheat plate.’ The cook would then quickly take a large dinner plate, turn it sideways, and place a tub of jelly upside down at the six o’clock position.” (Thanks!)

FoodieView: The Recipe Search Engine

“…searching over 110,000 recipes and counting. Why search for recipes one site at a time when you can search them all here? We scour the web to find the best recipes on the web’s most popular recipe sites. You can save your favorites in your own personal recipe box.”

Sushi Lesson: How to eat sushi properly

“The experience of going to eat sushi in the US is quite nice because it is casual. You probably do not know that many people in Japan are apprehensive about going to a sushi restaurant, especially if they are new to the place. They worry because they are not sure their knowledge about sushi, and their manner in how they eat it, matches the earnest or sometimes rigid ways of the sushi chef who runs the place.” (This is part 5 of 5 — see links to the other installments at the bottom end of part 5.)

Wine as a Work Enhancer

“While sitting on an endless stack of work over the past few months, Iíve slowly discovered ways in which to make myself more productive. Or, if not more productive, then at least making the time tick by as pleasurable as possible. One trick when working into the evening hours thatís been successful, is to work with a glass of red wine within arms reach. Iíve slowly been warming up to wine these days, and have found it to be somewhat of a work enhancer.”

Stamp Cups

“Those irritating ringmarks that mugs and cups leave… well, you can turn them into a nice floral pattern now with a set of Stamp Cups. The pattern on the base of the cup match up so you can join as many marks as you want.”

Chocolate & Zucchini

“After spending quite some time avidly reading food blogs out there, I have decided to start my own. This blog is a way for me to share my passion for all things food-related: thoughts, recipes, musings, cookbooks, ideas, inspirations, experimentations.”

Seafood Watch Program

“A Consumer’s Guide to Sustainable Seafood: Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program offers information to help you choose seafood that’s good for you, good for the oceans and information on overfishing, bycatch, aquaculture and habitat damage.”

Eat like a pro

“Every week I tell you where to eat. But I never say how. I mean, I assume that most of my readers have mastered the cut-chew-swallow basics, and I’m certainly not going near the tines-up/tines-down controversy. But there are simple steps you can take that can make any dining experience a little better — that is, a little more attuned to your personal tastes.”

Top 10 Summer Cocktails

“Several years ago, you may not have been able to order the minty-fresh Mojito in an ordinary bar. But thanks to the popularity of Nuevo Latino cuisine, the Mojito has become the it cocktail. The Cuban import has a sweet flavor that is reminiscent of limeade, but with an extra kick of rum. Serve with a stick of sugar cane and sprigs of mint.”

Why Wine Costs What It Does

“Last year, when Paul Hobbs, a California winemaker, was about to release his 1999 Beckstoffer cabernet sauvignon, lots of things were going through his mind… It was up to Mr. Hobbs to determine a retail price that would let him pay off some debts and draw the attention of serious wine drinkers, yet be low enough that he could actually sell the wine, not just this year but for vintages to come.”