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The Golden Hour Calculator | Sunrise and Sunset information for photographers

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Discover when the Golden Hour is at your current location, explore visually how the golden hour changes with the seasons and where you are in the world…

The Golden Hour (sometimes referred to as the Magic Hour) is often defined as the first and last hour of sunlight in the day when the special quality of light yields particularly beautiful photographs.

For this Golden Hour calculator website, I have used a more precise definition of the Golden Hour. I have chosen to define the Golden Hour as that period when the sun lies between 6 degrees below the horizon and 6 degrees above. This definition of the Golden Hour more accurately accounts for the speed of the transition from day to night around the world at different times of year.

Dave Gray » Projects

Dave is the founder and president of XPLANE:

I\'m a project guy. As an artist, entrepreneur, educator and amateur philosopher, I always have a number of projects going, both personal and professional. Sometimes they go somewhere, sometimes I get bored and abandon them. One of the beauties of the internet is that even abandoned projects continue to exist and can be picked up or reenergized at any moment. Here\'s the definitive list of projects that I am working on or have worked on in the past (A work in progress). The list is alphabetical because I don\'t work on these projects in any kind of linear way. They are like a busy kitchen: there is always something simmering, something boiling, something set aside to cool for awhile, something in the deep freeze, and something being served. In fact I am still working on this list. If you see something with no explanation it\'s because I haven\'t finished writing the description yet :)

Imitation, Influence… and Coincidence

This is an online look at Covering Photography’s exhibition at the Boston public Library, up through December 31st, 2008 in the BPL’s Rare Books and Manuscripts exhibition space. The show features original photographs that became, inspired or coincidentally predated book designs and illustrations. Just have a look — it’s pretty interesting.

The Pitfalls of Self-Published Books

“Given all the brouhaha over self-published books (or, more accurately, books on demand) I thought I’d give it a shot myself… A few days later, my little booklet arrived in the mail. What can I say? While on the outside everything looks fine (apart from the fact that the image on the cover is stretched slightly), the images inside the book look like crap.”

Getty Images + Flickr Make a Deal

“Getty and Flickr have just entered into an exclusive partnership to sell Flickr images.

Here\'s how it\'ll work:

  1. Getty editors will scour Flickr for images they deem saleable
  2. They\'ll contact photographers whose images are selected to see if they want to make them available for licensing by Getty Images
  3. Assuming the photographer says yes, the images become available through Getty\'s Flickr collection, and accessible to all their existing customers in the image licensing space

It remains to be seen how many images Getty will select, what deal they\'ll offer photographers, and how they\'ll select images. But people have been wondering what impact Flickr would have on the stock photography space for years, and this is a pretty interesting deal!”

The Social Life of Visual Media

Web page for Prof. Nancy Van House’s course at Berkeley: “This course brings together several approaches to visual media, with two goals: first, to use the resources of a variety of fields to understand (and perhaps anticipate) changes in the production and uses of personal photographic images (loosely defined); second, to examine the possibilities of multi-disciplinary approaches to new media and new technology. Our organizing topic will be personal photography, but that will be the springboard for discussions about new media and developing information technologies and ways of understanding them.”


“Here’s the short version: Pixish is a new site where you can create image contests.

Here’s the longer version: For Artists: You’ve got talent, admit it. You can draw, paint, take a great photo, or design something beautiful. But you need a way to get your work out there. Pixish is your chance to get published.

On Pixish you’ll find Assignments from people who need visual art for all kinds of projects. Each Assignment will have different requirements and rewards. If one inspires you, you can submit. The Pixish community can then vote up the best submissions. In the end, the Publisher who started the Assignment will choose a winner and give out any listed rewards.”

And here’s Derek’s story behind the story.