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Saving View Source

“We look at a lot of Ajax applications, and we have seen a lot of trends over the last couple of years. In general we are maturing, but as complexity has gone up in Ajax applications we are seeing one scary trend. The first set of apps simply added some <script> that did some happy XMLHttpRequest dancing. Then we abstracted to libraries such as Dojo and Prototype. Then people tried to do the right thing and use unobtrusive JavaScript where we keep the HTMl structure separate from the code. We would all like to see more of this. Unfortunately, we are starting to see Ajax applications that look more like Flash web pages…” (Thanks SuccessForce!)

btw, you can see some work XPLANE has been doing for Salesforce over at the Successforce blog.

Steve Yegge ported Rails to JavaScript

“In an effort to increase developer productivity at Google, Steve tried to convince the company to adopt Rails (and consequently Ruby) as a programming language. When that fell on deaf ears (Google really does not want to increase the number of languages that must be supported by their infrastructure), Steve decided to do what any other frustrated programmer would do: he ported Rails to JavaScript. Line by line. In 6 months. Working 2000 hours. Steve is a coding stud.”

Create flickr-like Editing Fields Using AJAX & CSS

“On one of my web projects I\'ve been working on, we needed to allow the user to edit some information on their profile page. I could have written an HTML form page and then written the php database updater, but why use such outdated interfaces? This is the era of AJAX, and you can\'t deny it. AJAX is pretty sweet. I decided on using Flickr-like editing boxes to do the job. If you are not familiar with how flickr handles editing data, here\'s a short summary.”

Faster Page Loads—Bundle Your CSS and Javascript

“Have you ever watched your status bar while you wait for a page to load and wondered why several files seem to be downloaded before you see anything at all on your screen? Eventually the page content displays, and then the images are slotted in. The files that keep you waiting are generally the CSS and Javascript files linked to from the ‘head’ section of the HTML document. Because these files determine how the page will be displayed, rendering is delayed until they are completely downloaded.”

snif: simple and nice index file

Creates a thumbnail index of all the images in a directory: “Server generated directory indices are ugly. OK, they work everywhere, but they’re still ugly. If you’d like your download directory to be maintainable without creating and changing huge HTML files, just put snif as its index file into the directory and here you go!”