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Early Star Wars Storyboards

“These are early storyboards from Star Wars, from before the Falcon was changed to its current design. I took them from Hyperspace’s Insider supplement, which means there’s more to be had in Insider. I’ll try and pick them up and see what this is about… To my knowledge, the majority of these storyboards were done by Joe Johnston.”

NASA Spirit Mars mission animation

Totally amazing simulation of the NASA Spirit Mars mission: “Animation by Dan Maas/Maas Digital LLC… This work was performed for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, sponsored by the United States Government…”

Logarithmic Maps of the Universe

From /.: “NY Times today has an essay about a map of the entire universe produced by two Princeton astronomers using a variety of data including the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Its view begins with the Earth at the bottom and extends back almost to the Big Bang at the top, including such objects as the Sloan Great Wall, 1.37 billion light-years long.”

Columbia’s Last Flight

“Space flight is known to be a risky business, but during the minutes before dawn last February 1, as the doomed shuttle Columbia began to descend into the upper atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean, only a handful of people — a few engineers deep inside of NASA — worried that the vehicle and its seven souls might actually come to grief. It was the responsibility of NASA’s managers to hear those suspicions, and from top to bottom they failed.”

Infographics : Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

“…going to be adding links, as they come, to infographics and interactive graphics reporting on the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster…” From nixlog, a weblog dedicated to infographics, information graphics, information design, graphic design and other related issues.

Pioneer Space Plaque Redesign

By Edward Tufte: “Since the principles of physics hold everywhere, magic is conceivably a cosmological entertainment, with the wonder induced by theatrical illusions appreciated by all, regardless of planetary system. Accordingly the plaque aboard the Pioneer spacecraft for extraterrestrial scrutiny billions of years from now might have escaped from its conspicuously anthropocentric gestures by showing instead the universally familiar Amazing Levitation Trick.”

Powers of Ten Day

“On October 10th of each year we celebrate Powers of Ten Day by webcasting the 9 minute film ‘Powers of Ten,’ made by Charles and Ray Eames in 1977. Our purpose is to take a fresh look at the universe and our place within it, to renew our awareness of the interconnectedness of all things and to share the film’s inspiration to see all things from their next largest and next smallest perspective. We invite everyone to participate in Powers of Ten Day at whatever level is most comfortable — from simply watching the film online to spreading the concept by showing it at your home, school or workplace…”

New Book Opens Hubble’s Space Images to Blind

“For the blind child who once asked, ‘What is the sky?’ educator Benning Wentworth now has an answer: a tactile book called Touch the Universe, based on the cosmic images made by the Hubble Space Telescope. The book features some of the most famous Hubble pictures of planets, galaxies and other cosmic objects, in color, but with plastic overlays that have raised lines, bumps and other touchable textures to allow those with vision problems to feel what they cannot see.”

300 Miles High

Beautiful! “300 Miles High is a collection of one hundred of the best photographs of our planet taken from the vantage point of a typical Space Shuttle orbit — about 300 miles above the Earth’s surface. To give credit where it is due, all these images come from NASA, which allows free reproduction for non-profit enterprises. Further credit goes to the many astronauts who actually framed and photographed many of these amazing images. Some were taken remotely, others by automatic cameras mounted on the Shuttle or the International Space Station.”