Cuddling Clients

Finding new ways to communicate complex business information, that is truly engaging, is the greatest challenge in our work.  I love my work because I believe in doing this visually, since it naturally connects to how we function as humans.  Oftentimes information requires more structure than text can provide to convey complex content and tell a story.  I’m not into this simply because I like to draw, I’m into this because I sincerely want people to be engaged in the message, and I want them to be able to communicate more efficiently.
This week I am attending XPLANE's design summit in Portland, Oregon. I’m based in our Amsterdam office so I'm traveling a bit longer than usual. I wanted to help my daughters understand how long I would be away and maintain my presence for them at home while I'm not there physically, so I created a series of letters and hung them in their bedroom. Everyday I'm away they will pick and open a letter that contains little adventures in the form of puzzles inside.  Solving those puzzles will lead them to little surprises I’ve hidden throughout the house.  In turn, those surprises are clues to help them unlock a video by ordering colored Lego blocks that will access a secret message from me. 

One evening they will discover a magic pen with an ultraviolet light that writes secret messages. The next evening they will use this pen to discover the next secret message. I have also created a lot of maps, not a strategic plan for their next five years, but real treasure maps! In the end I hope to have helped communicate and engage these little clients in a message they would never have fully understood if I had used words alone.  I can’t wait to see my little clients when I return home, and I'm excited to find a way to use magic pens with our other clients!