Interview with Dan Biesma, New Vice President of Account Services - Europe

Provide a brief overview of your background and experience:
I studied business economics (Msc.) at Erasmus University Rotterdam with a major in marketing management. I am an entrepreneurial self-starter with over 17 years of experience in consulting, marketing, communications, and business development with companies like Yellow Pages, Sara Lee/Duyvis, Beiersdorf, FCTB, and Kennedy Communications Global. My areas of expertise include Consultative Sales, Strategy Alignment, Integrated Talent Management, and Change Communication & Adoption.

In the past eight years with boutique consultancy firms Kennedy Communications Global and FCTB, I have worked with many international clients like ADP, AEGON, AkzoNobel, Arcadis, CSM, Denso, Dorel, DSM, ETOS, DFE Pharma, NEC-Philips, NEC, Nike, NXP, Office Depot, PostNL, Robeco, Unilever, Vodafone, and WE Fashion.

  1. I worked for six years for a Portland based company as their Managing Director in Europe.
  2. I was born and raised in The Hague, went to University in Rotterdam, and now live near Amsterdam.
  3. My wife’s name is Wils and my son’s name is Nate.
  4. We live in the city of Bussum in a house build in 1903.
  5. I used to play with the youth soccer team of a professional club called ADO Den Haag. I still play soccer.
Your favorite vacation destination? Why?
Paris and the south of France because of family, friends, food, and atmosphere.
Three places you hope to travel/live to one day?
Florida / Miami
Japan / Tokyo
Brazil / Rio de Janeiro
What is one random fact about you that most people do not know?
My mother was the Personal Assistant for two former Dutch presidents.
Do you have any special talents?
I speak four languages, ski, play all sorts of ball sports, and have an official cycling diploma.
What is your most embarrassing album you have on your iPod that you listen to?
“Zij gelooft in mij” by Andre Hazes and Tom Jones’ Greatest Hits.
What is your Theme Song in life?
“You Can’t Always Get What You Want (but if you try sometime you find you get what you need)” by The Rolling Stones
  • Cats or Dogs? Dogs.
  • Summer or Winter? Summer.
  • Rain or Snow? Snow.
  • Water or snow sports? Snow sports.
  • Coffee or Tea? Coffee please.
  • TV or books? Books.  
What TV show(s) can you not go a week without watching?
Mad Men and The Soprano’s.
Who is your doppelganger?
You tell me!

Have you ever met a celebrity and who?
Quite a few including a Wimbledon winner and a Bond Girl.

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