Interview with Nina Narelle, New Consultant

Provide a brief overview of your background and experience.
I have over 15 years of experience in curriculum development, facilitation, training, systems thinking, and strategy. I am passionate about guiding organizations to identify behaviors that limit success (such as dysfunctional patterns and stagnation) and figure out what is working for them. I have worked successfully with a range of mission driven organizations and leaders from foundations, higher education institutions, health systems, for profits, non-profits, and government agencies. I received a BA in Economics from Lewis & Clark College and an MA in Leadership and Organizational Development from Saybrook University.

  1. I was a competitive Highland dancer as a child.
  2. In 2004, I rode my bike from Skagway, AK to Portland, OR.
  3. I helped set up the very first tree-sit in Oregon (which is kind of embarrassing, but kind of awesome).
  4. I spent New Year’s Eve in 1999 listening (via ham radio) to the clocks turn midnight around the world before catching a cross-country flight at 11:45pm PT for under $100.
  5. For several years I starred in an adult puppet production as one of only two live-action characters. I played “Professor Nancy,” a character that explained scientific phenomena through hysterical laughter, yelling, and vague sexual innuendos.

Your favorite vacation destination? Why?
I’m not sure yet. I will probably not visit them all in my lifetime, so I feel like my favorite might be the one I’m about to discover. My favorite to-date was when I rented a trimaran boat with friends and spent a few weeks sailing down the coast of Belize visiting every sandy island we could find. My only regret was that there was no surf. I hope that one day I will settle on a favorite that includes a quiet beach somewhere with a nice long shore break.
Places you hope to travel/live to one day?
I would really like to sail around the Greek Isles. I would love to live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina; Tofino, British Columbia; or Ventura, California.

What is one random fact about you that most people do not know?
Sometimes I have psychic dreams about people. No really, ask me about it.
Do you have any special talents?
I’m pretty funny. LOL. Is that a special talent?

What is your most embarrassing album you have on your iPod that you listen to?
I don’t have an iPod. I would be most embarrassed to admit that sometimes I just have to listen to Ethel Merman sing her heart out.
What is your theme song in life?
Ethel Merman’s “Everything’s Coming Up Roses
  • Cats or Dogs? CATS!
  • Summer or Winter? SUMMER
  • Rain or Snow? SNOW
  • Water or snow sports? WATER
  • Coffee or Tea? TEA
  • TV or books? BOOKS 
What TV show(s) can you not go a week without watching?
None. I am pretty addicted to the Snap Judgment Podcast.
Who is your doppelganger?
Hm. I have no idea.
Have you ever met a celebrity and who?
I once (literally) ran into Patti Smith backstage at Red Rocks. I was so excited that I ran into a room (where the Indigo Girls were hanging out) and said, “OH MY GOD, I JUST RAN INTO PATTI SMITH!” It was an awkward moment.