New day rising

"I\'m not sure any author is ever completely satisfied with his or her publisher. With my own two ears, I\'ve heard folks who\'d realized projects with houses I can still only dream of - Penguin, Vintage, MIT Press - issue the selfsame complaints about sloppy copy-editing and limp marketing those of us a notch or three down the ladder make.

Nevertheless, I\'ve always regretted publishing Everyware, a think piece if ever there was one, with an imprint primarily known for how-to manuals for aspiring Web developers and Photoshop jockeys. It was a mistake, and it was my own; I was both overeager and insufficiently confident in my book\'s merits. And as we\'ll see, I paid for it...

Therefore, be it resolved: inspired by the luminous example of Edward Tufte\'s Graphics Press, as well as that of our good friends at Chin Music, we\'re going to try a little experiment. We\'re going to publish my next book, The City Is Here For You To Use, ourselves."

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