On self-publishing

"Regrettably I don\'t have as much time as I\'d like to author this article in polished format, but I wanted to put my thoughts out there while they\'re fresh. You\'d think I\'d have time to slow down now that the book is done, but with running a job site, preparing material for several presentations before the year is over (including a ginormous workshop), maintaining this site, oh and a family and full-time job, “busy” is a severe understatement... I could probably summarize my thoughts in one sentence: The process of self-publishing isn\'t as glamorous as some (myself) thought it would be.

One evening shortly after the book was published, I recounted with Suzanne everything I had done over the last 10 months to go from an idea for a book to a finished, published book. Having already co-authored one book through a publisher, I compared the experience of self-publishing, and here\'s roughly what I described..."