Visual Thinking Workshops -- Who Should Attend? What Skills Will You Learn?  [limited time only - fall 2017]

07-21-2017 | Sara Mesing | Visual Thinking

Mark your calendars!

XPLANE is offering two immersive learning experiences for individuals this fall.

Visual Thinking 101: The Foundations
Thursday, September 21, 9am - 5pm

Visual Thinking 201: Applying it to your Org
Friday, September 22, 9am - 5pm


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How Does a Diverse Community Come Together to Create a Single Vision of the Future?

07-19-2017 | XPLANE | Visual Thinking, Vision


After more than 15 years of operation, touching every part of the digital economy, a global non-profit found itself in need of a robust organizational strategy. Inextricably linked with the growth of the Internet, they were keenly aware of how rapidly the digital, political, economic, and social landscapes were shifting. As a non-profit with just a few hundred staff but thousands of stakeholders around the world, they also faced unique challenges gathering input and building consensus. Despite these challenges, they realized it was time to update their strategic planning process, to start creating coherent visions of how the organization needed to evolve, rather than just operational plans.


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How To Deliver Great User-Experience at Scale in Global Organizations

Many traditional organizations are now driving away both potential employees and new business by not putting their users (employees, customers, and partners) first. They’re caught in a web of outdated processes and old technologies. They favor the traditional way of working instead of following the lead of their customers. They just can’t keep up.

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XPLANE Work Works: What We’ve Learned About Creating an Award-Winning Workplace

06-14-2017 | Katie Augsburger | Culture, News


Recently, XPLANE has received some notable recognition. We were awarded the When Work Works award which highlights our efforts in creating an effective workplace for our employees. We are thankful to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) for the award, but more so to our employees for saying such amazing things about us. We have been really fortunate to add this recognition to the list of workplace awards from Oregon Business Magazine, Great Place to Work, Fortune Magazine and others. 

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XPLANE’s Partner Rackspace Helps Navigate Your Journey to the Cloud

Big businesses need to rethink the way they work if they want to avoid extinction. Now, winning companies are ones that can quickly respond to market changes, adapt to business fluctuations, and ensure that the entire org is all moving toward the same goals. To provide companies with these skills, our partners at Rackspace are proud to announce their newest venture: Global Solutions and Services.

As Rackspace’s Vice President of Global Solutions and Services, Rachel Cassidy says it, “IT transformation is critical for companies that want to stay ahead of disruptions while accelerating growth and innovation, but it’s not easy. Rackspace is here to help as little or as much as our customers need at any point along their cloud journey, including up-front planning, assessment, design, migration, management, and continuous optimization.” Many companies don’t currently have the skills available to dedicate to this type of transformation, the experience and lessons learned from doing these types of transformations every day, or the tools and methodologies to help streamline processes and provide best practice support for this type of transformation. Rackspace’s new professional service package helps businesses begin their transformation.


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Why Organizations Need to Innovate Their Business Model Now


An Interview with Innovation Junkie Saul Kaplan

Over the past year I’ve been learning more and more about business model innovation through the masters, Business Innovation Factory (BIF). It has changed the way I see business innovation, differentiation, and competitive advantage. In hopes of sharing this view with our community, I interviewed BIF’s Founder and Chief Catalyst, Saul Kaplan.

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The Barrier to Company-Wide Innovation



This month, XPLANE founder Dave Gray was interviewed on the Fjord Fika podcast with Andy Polaine discussing the corporate push toward innovation. How do large companies create a culture of innovation and successfully make it stick? The innovation lab trend of Silicon Valley might be a good start, but most of the time it doesn’t address the real barrier to innovation: the mindset of your people.

Here are my four takeaways from Dave and Andy’s discussion to get your team on the right path and in the mindset of corporate innovation.

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A Business Within The Business: Aligning Your Employees, Managers, and Owners

A lot of problems in business could be solved if we could align the interests of employees and managers with owners. Is there a way to get everyone to act like owners? The answer is yes, but not without changing the structure of your company in ways that might make you a bit uncomfortable.

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Becoming a Values-based, Purpose-led Organization: Lessons from XPLANE’s Journey to Become a B-Corp


XPLANE has been a values-based and purpose-led organization since our founding in 1993, and I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve just become a Certified B Corporation as well. We have joined over 1,900 other businesses in over 40 nations that believe business can serve society, as well as shareholders.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with B-Corporations, we are a community that believes business can be a force for good and deliver “triple bottom line” results—delivering profits while also making positive impacts for our environment and our society. To earn the credential, XPLANE was certified by the non-profit B Lab for meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We were evaluated on how our practices impact our employees, our community, the environment, and our customers.

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Conscious Business Practice: Vision and Strategic Planning for Non-Profits

Did you know that if Wal-Mart were a country, its GDP would be larger than 157 of our world’s nations? Dozens of Fortune 500 companies are larger than the GDP of many nations, and the Global 2000 accounts for over $38 Trillion in annual revenue, nearly half of the Gross World Product. Do you want to change the world? Well, changing the world of business is clearly the place to start. Business, as a force of change around the globe, is more concentrated, and more impactful, than at any time before us in history. 

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