XPLANE Named One of The 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon

01-03-2017 | Katie Augsburger | News

Once again, we are proud to announce that XPLANE has been ranked one of the top 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon by Oregon Buisness magazine!

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The Smartest Person in the Room

Most meetings are full of blah, blah, blah; they’re speech-heavy and one-directional. We use agendas to give meetings structure. Within this structure we all have our own agendas. We want to convey our personal beliefs and judgements about the best route towards a common direction. We count on our words and our PowerPoint presentations to move our agendas forward. We assume that they are enough to create shared understanding. But are they really?

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How to Design and Implement Organizational Culture

12-19-2016 | Lauren Gantner | Culture, News

Through our 20+ years of experience working with clients throughout the Fortune 500, we know that it's 100% possible to design and implement an organizational culture change. At the Design as Business Conference this past month, XPLANErs Tanner Bechtel and Dave King dove in to highly-actionable steps to get past talking and onto driving change when your company is stuck.

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How Do You Communicate Effectively in the Workplace? Use Visuals.

Updated 7/20/2017

We’ve seen it: the CEO of a Global 2000 company at the whiteboard drawing stick figures and lines. Or the well-renowned leaders of a national logistics company doodling themselves as superheroes. For most organizations, these kind of habits are completely out of the ordinary. But why?

If your ideas can’t be drawn, they can’t be done. In XPLANE's 20+ years of experience working with clients, we have found that the most effective workplace communication strategies all involve one key component: visual thinking.

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Process Problems Aren’t Just About Process

12-14-2016 | Cynthia Owens | Process

Most process problems in organizations today are about people, not machines, assembly lines, or just-in-time inventory strategy. To succeed, companies need to reach beyond traditional process improvement methods.
In most organizations today, where processes break down is with people:

  • Teams are stuck in silos and can’t or won’t collaborate
  • Functional leaders aren’t aligned and are focused on different priorities
  • Structures and culture slow people down
  • Metrics and rewards are focused on the wrong things, so they derail objectives
  • Employees don’t know how what they do fits into the bigger picture
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Tips for Live Sketching in Virtual Meetings

12-14-2016 | Marc Hewitt | Visual Thinking

We love technology. It enables us to connect with people all over the globe without even changing out of our pajamas, which is nice when you are on a 6 am client call! And while we can’t control how awake everyone is on the call, we can help make the calls more engaging by using something core to XPLANE: visuals.

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Investing in Innovation: One Day, Every Month

12-14-2016 | Matt Morasky | Culture
xDay is one full working day per month we set aside from client and company work to focus on individual and organizational innovation that will help us better serve our clients.
This Friday hits our half-year mark with our xDay experiment. June 26 will be our sixth xDay that we’ve dedicated to innovation, learning something new, and improving the way we work. Through all the hours, we've walked away with multiple projects we are proud of, from podcasts, to wall art, to information databases. Check out what our innovation days are all about:


Matt Morasky is a Consultant at XPLANE.
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How to Create the Company Culture You Want

12-14-2016 | Kathryn Jarrell | Culture

Perhaps when you were a start up, a healthy company culture developed effortlessly. But then the company started to take off and you realized you needed more bodies than you had friends. You needed different roles, talents and personalities and now you are wondering, what happened to the culture?

Or maybe your small firm just merged with another. You knew who you each were, but now you are both trying to figure out who you collectively are. Suddenly, unspoken rules and behaviors are in question – what is the right way to behave?

Or perhaps you’re a new leader at an established organization trying to make big changes. It seems impossible and everyone agrees on only one thing – the problem is the culture.

Can organizational culture be changed? Can it be influenced? Can it be… fixed?

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Use Journals to Introduce Culture and Accelerate Onboarding

12-14-2016 | Dave King | Culture

Maintaining our healthy company culture is a deeply held commitment for us at XPLANE, and we see onboarding as a critical part of that effort.  Onboarding is more than ensuring people have the physical tools they need to do their work.  They also need the social and emotional tools to feel empowered, supported and excited for their new chapter.

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Leading by Teaching and Learning

12-14-2016 | Roel Uleners | Culture

Teaching and learning are both an integral part of our culture and vision at XPLANE. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that as a design consultancy, we're automatically comprised of people with a natural curiosity wanting to know the big picture as well as the details, and always looking for the human story in things. As such, XPLANErs seem born with an insatiable hunger for learning, no matter if it is a brand-new methodology or the latest customer insights.

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