XPLANE Doodling 101 Our Thinking

XPLANE Doodling 101

May, 27, 2015 | By Jeffery Frankenhauser, Designer

Whether in a seminar with a team of clients or in an internal meeting with a consultant, the XPLANE designers are constantly doodling. We are pros at taking complex ideas and turning them into quick,... Read More

XPLANE Helps ICANN Envision It’s Long-Range Strategy Plan Our Work

XPLANE Helps ICANN Envision It’s Long-Range Strategy Plan

February, 25, 2015 | By Patrick Dodson, Senior Vice President of Account Services

XPLANE is proud to see the conclusion of our work helping ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, envision, organize, and clarify their five-year strategy plan for years... Read More

Design Powered Action Our Methods

Design Powered Action

January, 10, 2015 | By Drew Mattison, Vice President of Business Development

The pace of change and transformation and initiatives and ‘insert your favorite business-bingo term’ is evident. We see it - feel it - everyday. It’s the constant pressure everyone... Read More