Design Powered Action Our Methods

Design Powered Action

January, 10, 2015 | By Drew Mattison, Vice President of Business Development

The pace of change and transformation and initiatives and ‘insert your favorite business-bingo term’ is evident. We see it - feel it - everyday. It’s the constant pressure everyone... Read More

Culture Mapping Our Methods

Culture Mapping

December, 17, 2014 | By Kathryn Jarrell, Vice President of Operations

Last week XPLANE’s Director of Consulting, Stephanie, and I headed down to San Francisco to run a workshop on Culture Mapping. The workshop was part of a three part series on culture design,... Read More

Cuddling Clients Our Methods

Cuddling Clients

December, 15, 2014 | By Hermen Lutje Berenbroek, Senior Designer

Finding new ways to communicate complex business information, that is truly engaging, is the greatest challenge in our work.  I love my work because I believe in doing this visually, since... Read More