Driving Adoption in 120 Seconds

August, 26, 2013 | By Ann Smith

Looking to introduce the world to a first-of-a-kind cloud platform, GE recently partnered with XPLANE to create a compelling video that brought the new Industrial Internet to life in front of key... Read More

Storyboard Central

June, 02, 2010 | By Bill Keaggy

Lots of quick tips, trick, profiles and samples over at Storyboard Central. Part 'History of', part showcase, part bitch fest... a place for those interested in the fine art of the comp and... Read More

Inside Pixar's Leadership

Haven't watched this yet but very much looking forward to it after reading some excerpts over at Scott Berkun's blog. There were plenty of high profile people at... Read More

"Different" by Youngme Moon

Youngme Moon of the Harvard Business School collaborated with XPLANE to create this video introducing her new book, DIFFERENT, an intimately drawn meditation on the... Read More