Designing for Simple is Way Too Confusing Our Thinking

Designing for Simple is Way Too Confusing

April, 14, 2015 | By Marvin Gaviola, Associate Creative Director

“Keep it simple.” This common principle of design drove our creative team into a debate last week.   What does simple mean? Does everything we design really need to be simple? Or... Read More

Creative Briefs as Storytelling Our Thinking

Creative Briefs as Storytelling

February, 25, 2015 | By Matt Morasky, Consultant

Generally speaking, art students don’t consider themselves writers. In fact, many will tell you art school was a deliberate choice to avoid writing (and math). So it can come as a quite a shock... Read More

Cuddling Clients Our Methods

Cuddling Clients

December, 15, 2014 | By Hermen Lutje Berenbroek, Senior Designer

Finding new ways to communicate complex business information, that is truly engaging, is the greatest challenge in our work.  I love my work because I believe in doing this visually, since... Read More

Design Week Portland

On October 8, XPLANE participated in Design Week Portland by co-hosting an Open House along with digital marketing agency Copious, and welcomed close to 200 guests... Read More

Storyboard Central

Lots of quick tips, trick, profiles and samples over at Storyboard Central. Part 'History of', part showcase, part bitch fest... a place for those interested in... Read More