Design Powered Action Our Methods

Design Powered Action

January, 10, 2015 | By Drew Mattison, Vice President of Business Development

The pace of change and transformation and initiatives and ‘insert your favorite business-bingo term’ is evident. We see it - feel it - everyday. It’s the constant pressure everyone... Read More

Improve the Remote Experience One Meeting at a Time Our Thinking

Improve the Remote Experience One Meeting at a Time

September, 29, 2014 | By Kathryn Jarrell, Vice President of Operations

As an organization that specializes in collaboration and serves clients all over the globe, it’s critical for us to have the remote meeting experience dialed in. Through... Read More

A Picture of Change Management

Designer Rob Dersley did an amazing job of visually capturing sessions and speeches at the recent Association of Change Management Professionals conference in... Read More

Happy Birthday to Us!

It’s true what they say; time really does fly when you’re having fun. It seems like just yesterday, but the truth is that it was 20 years ago when Dave... Read More