XPLANE-ify Your Next Meeting

February, 13, 2014 | By Kathryn Jarrell, Vice President of Operations

Meetings get a bad rap. Late or inattentive attendees, endless recapping and talking in circles with little or no progress made, a waste of everyone’s time.  It’s enough to make you... Read More

Review - iOS tools Digital Capture

August, 14, 2012 | By Bill Keaggy

At XPLANE, we design experiences. To help us do that we use a number of iOS apps as digital capture and documenting tools in order to take advantage of instant sharing, collaboration and searchable... Read More

Inside Pixar's Leadership

April, 22, 2010 | By Bill Keaggy

Haven't watched this yet but very much looking forward to it after reading some excerpts over at Scott Berkun's blog. There were plenty of high profile people at the Economist event in March, but... Read More


Great set of design accidents, homages, inspirations and appropriations. The pairs of images in this "Similarities" set are similar visually in one way or another.... Read More