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I Had a Dream

January, 09, 2015 | By Parker Lee, President, EVP Business Development

No, I am not channeling Martin Luther King. Rather, I started the New Year awakened from a very vivid dream, which I hope will provide some inspiration for my actions in 2015.    In my... Read More

Service Design, in brief

What is Service Design anyway? My favorite definition comes from Live Work, a creative agency in the UK that has really furthered the evolution of Service Design... Read More

Sites We Love

Service Design Tools An incredible collection of tools - many of which we use in our work already. In fact, we're listed as an example in their storyboards... Read More

Touch Gesture Reference Guide

Well, this looks quite nice. The Touch Gesture Reference Guide is a unique set of resources for software designers and developers working on touch-based user... Read More

Victorian Infographics

Check out this sampling of beautiful vintage information design over at the always-excellent BibliOdyssey: The David Rumsey Map Collection has now been online for... Read More