Triggering Change Using Three Words

11-01-2016 | Maia Garau | Change

Our work at XPLANE uses visual thinking to help people drive change in their organisations. In a recent Amsterdam Visual Thinking School (VTS) event we decided to explore how visual thinking could apply to personal change.

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Change DNA: Clarity

06-01-2016 | Stephanie Gioia | Change
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A Simple and Powerful Tool for Building Your Change Activation Plan 1

04-22-2015 | Drew Mattison | Change
Change is constant. Change is everywhere. Change, change, change. We all hear about it; we feel it everyday at work and in our personal lives. The noi
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I Don't Want to Change You - a Love Letter and a Card Deck 1

02-25-2015 | Stephanie Gioia | Change
My Valentine’s gift: a love letter to employees around the world.   We believe the fastest, most effective path to change starts wi
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Holiday Inn® Shifts from Traditional to Digital Ad Strategy

11-07-2014 | Traci Jones | Culture, Change
InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®), owner of the Holiday Inn® and Holiday Inn Express® brands, recently made changes to their marketing and a
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Bookmark This! Change DNA Library

10-13-2014 | Stephanie Gioia | Change
Over the past two months we've been exploring the DNA of Change. It's been fun to assemble top thoughts, methods, and tools for designing change
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Change DNA

09-05-2014 | Traci Jones | Change
Recently our team of consultants has been hard at work defining the eight design principles for organizational transformation.  Over the past fiv
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Change DNA - The 8 Principles of Change Series

07-28-2014 | Stephanie Gioia | Change
Ever wonder how someorganizations adapt gracefully – or even thrive – in a changing environment while most others crack and buckle under the sa
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Convergence: It’s About Who You Are and the Experience You Create

If you read that headline out of context, you might guess that it was in reference to a carpe diem-type affirmation. Or perhaps you’d assume it was f
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Change Can Be Easier

01-21-2014 | Cynthia Owens | Change
Companies invest millions of dollars and thousands of hours on complex change initiatives to make them more competitive and more efficient. But the chall
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