When Your Strategy is No Longer Doing Its Job

As a leader, you know the value of creating a strategy. Every year, you and your team dedicate a considerable amount of time and money developing your key organizational plans. You’re all too familiar with the high-pressure, high-stakes rigamarole that your executive team goes through on an annual basis to lock down the programs for the year. But as the world of business constantly changes, the traditional ways we approach strategy development are quickly losing relevance. How can you ensure that the strategy you’re investing in will withstand the test of time and the disruptive world of business?

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Millennial Management is a Two-Way Street

Are you ready to move beyond generational biases in the workplace?

We partnered with AmCham NL and Ivy Circle to visualize a panel discussion this November about millennial management.  Check out our learnings in our visual capture below.


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With Increased Team Diversity, Establishing Your Ways of Working is More Critical than Ever

I once worked on a team that agreed on several foundational principles: they collectively valued transparency, trust, and speed. With shared values like that you would assume that we were high-performing team, right?

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Super Summit: Smashing Silos and Stretching Minds

Even though XPLANE likes to wear our Great Place to Work badge with pride and love to brag about our consistent 4.25+ out of 5 employee satisfaction rating, we still face a lot of the same challenges that our clients in organizations of all stripes face as the landscape evolves. When departments are stuck working in silos, employees are feeling anxious, and the overall company culture is in a slump, how do we turn our organization around?

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Design Consultants vs. Regular Consultants: The Thinkers, Makers, and Doers of Strategy

There are a lot of jokes about consultants, and in the last 20 years I think I’ve probably heard them all. The crux of most of these jokes is that consultants have their heads in the clouds. They are impractical; they're good at thinking but not so good at doing. A good strategy is, after all, only half the battle. The rest is execution.

This reminds me of the story about the mice who held a meeting to figure out what they should do about the cat. Have you heard it? The mice get together and after much discussion, they decide that the solution to their cat problem is to put a bell on the cat. That way all the mice will be able to hear when the cat is nearby, and the cat will no longer be able to sneak up on them. All the mice agree that this is a perfect solution, and they are about to adjourn the meeting when an old mouse speaks up:

“But who,” he asks, “will put the bell on the cat?”

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How To Deliver Great User-Experience at Scale in Global Organizations

Many traditional organizations are now driving away both potential employees and new business by not putting their users (employees, customers, and partners) first. They’re caught in a web of outdated processes and old technologies. They favor the traditional way of working instead of following the lead of their customers. They just can’t keep up.

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XPLANE’s Partner Rackspace Helps Navigate Your Journey to the Cloud

Big businesses need to rethink the way they work if they want to avoid extinction. Now, winning companies are ones that can quickly respond to market changes, adapt to business fluctuations, and ensure that the entire org is all moving toward the same goals. To provide companies with these skills, our partners at Rackspace are proud to announce their newest venture: Global Solutions and Services.

As Rackspace’s Vice President of Global Solutions and Services, Rachel Cassidy says it, “IT transformation is critical for companies that want to stay ahead of disruptions while accelerating growth and innovation, but it’s not easy. Rackspace is here to help as little or as much as our customers need at any point along their cloud journey, including up-front planning, assessment, design, migration, management, and continuous optimization.” Many companies don’t currently have the skills available to dedicate to this type of transformation, the experience and lessons learned from doing these types of transformations every day, or the tools and methodologies to help streamline processes and provide best practice support for this type of transformation. Rackspace’s new professional service package helps businesses begin their transformation.


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Why Organizations Need to Innovate Their Business Model Now


An Interview with Innovation Junkie Saul Kaplan

Over the past year I’ve been learning more and more about business model innovation through the masters, Business Innovation Factory (BIF). It has changed the way I see business innovation, differentiation, and competitive advantage. In hopes of sharing this view with our community, I interviewed BIF’s Founder and Chief Catalyst, Saul Kaplan.

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The Barrier to Company-Wide Innovation



This month, XPLANE founder Dave Gray was interviewed on the Fjord Fika podcast with Andy Polaine discussing the corporate push toward innovation. How do large companies create a culture of innovation and successfully make it stick? The innovation lab trend of Silicon Valley might be a good start, but most of the time it doesn’t address the real barrier to innovation: the mindset of your people.

Here are my four takeaways from Dave and Andy’s discussion to get your team on the right path and in the mindset of corporate innovation.

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A Business Within The Business: Aligning Your Employees, Managers, and Owners

A lot of problems in business could be solved if we could align the interests of employees and managers with owners. Is there a way to get everyone to act like owners? The answer is yes, but not without changing the structure of your company in ways that might make you a bit uncomfortable.

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