Project Managers, Scourge or Angel? Interview with Christopher Knaus

01-10-2015 | Traci Jones | Process
Our very own Christopher Knaus, Director of Program Management, was recently a guest on PushPull Podcast discussing Project Management; what makes a g
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Organizational Minimalism and the Art of Subtraction

01-09-2015 | Kathryn Jarrell | Process
Tis the season for home organization, cleaning up, and cleaning out. I, like many people, spent my time over the break battling the crowds at big box store
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How to Survive the Office When Your Dominant Hand Isn't Available

01-09-2015 | Deanna Rizzo | Process
I recently underwent a minor arm surgery (nothing major, no need for sympathy), which has taken my dominant hand out of commission. For anyone this would b
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How to Provide Actionable and Consolidated Feedback - A Five Step Process

08-06-2014 | Deanna Rizzo | Process
“Should we use a different color here?” “Per Katie this needs to include a CTA.” “I’m not sure I get a sense of urgency
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Three Little Meetings That Just Might Change Your Game

05-22-2014 | Shawn Wright | Process

Simple in form, profound in results, XPLANE’s “non-negotiable” Trifecta aligns us in the present, informs us of the past and just plain makes us better at what we do. The Trifecta is our name for three “must have” meetings on every project; the internal kickoff, the post session debrief, and the project retrospective.

Why are they non-negotiable? Because they are invaluable. Throughout the project, they keep the team informed, united and on track. Upon completion of the project, they’re placed in the project archive folder, accessible to future teams to revisit the last project, and to evaluate and improve upon the new experience where possible.

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Shifting the Way CEMEX Works

01-21-2014 | XPLANE | Process
Earlier this year XPLANE came together with CEMEX, a global leader in the building materials industry, to create an infographic to demonstrate the global i
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Touch Gesture Reference Guide

Well, this looks quite nice. The Touch Gesture Reference Guide is a unique set of resources for software designers and developers working on touch-based us
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Victorian Infographics

Check out this sampling of beautiful vintage information design over at the always-excellent BibliOdyssey: The David Rumsey Map Collection has now been onl
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FlowingPrints, brought to you by Nathan from FlowingData: FlowingPrints posterizes the hidden stories in data. Not only are we creating more data every day
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Interaction Design Pilot Year (Courses)

Check out this gallery of student work: The Interaction Design Pilot Year is a collaborative initiative between Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
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