Card Decks: Tactile Tools for Pattern-Finders, Integrative-Thinkers and Inspiration-Seekers

What do the Table of Elements, the first IBM computer, and the novel Lolita have in common? Before they were icons of human achievement, they were card dec
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Tips for Live Sketching in Virtual Meetings 1

We love technology. It enables us to connect with people all over the globe without even changing out of our pajamas, which is nice when you are on a 6 am
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RBC’s Visual Thinking Workshop in London

Last fall, XPLANE was a sponsor of the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals) London conference. As part of the event’s program, we he
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Instructions Included

Whether you’re completing a specific task or initiating some serious change, instructions can mean the difference between success and failure. Desi
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A Picture of Change Management

Designer Rob Dersley did an amazing job of visually capturing sessions and speeches at the recent Association of Change Management Professionals conference
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Changing the State of Education

11-18-2013 | Ann Smith | Visual Thinking, Vision
On October 26, an esteemed group of leaders from urban education, industry, universities, government, foundations and trade associations gathered at West P
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Design Week Portland

On October 8, XPLANE participated in Design Week Portland by co-hosting an Open House along with digital marketing agency Copious, and welcomed close to 20
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Visual Capture: Creating New Habits

09-22-2013 | Ann Smith | Visual Thinking
The latest visual capture by graphic artist Nitya Wakhlu follows the six tips from the AIM model of goal pursuit.  Set a goal, change the pattern and
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Visual Capture: Let it Flow

08-26-2013 | Ann Smith | Visual Thinking
The latest illustration from our visual capture artist, Nitya Wakhlu, showcases what it means to build a powerful, synergistic team. The original presentat
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Visual Capture: Keeping Your Cool

07-29-2013 | Ann Smith | Visual Thinking
At the recent Association of Change Management Professionals annual conference, our graphic recording partner, Nitya Wakhlu, visually captured the compelli
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