Visual thinking workshops in London with Dave Gray

XPLANE founder Dave Gray is giving a couple workshops in London this month. You can get more info at his blog, Communication Nation.

London is calling my name again.

Next week I'll be in London for two events, July 9th and 10th.

On July 9th, from 4pm-9pm, I will be leading a workshop called Thinking visually to tackle business challenges: A creative and innovative approach to problem solving.

Statistical surveys have shown that design and visualisation have a verifiable impact on business performance. Visual articulation is important when solving a problem that involves strategic goals and initiatives. At its core, it helps bridge the problem or opportunity with the solution. That is why helping decision makers to think and express themselves visually gives organisations a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Joining me will be a couple of XPLANE clients, who will share case studies of how they employed visual thinking in their organisations...

On July 10th I will be leading an interactive session and discussion at VizThink London. That event goes from 5:30-9:00pm.