XPLANE and Youngme Moon of Harvard Business School create new video

XPLANE was thrilled to partner with Youngme Moon of the Harvard Business School to create a powerful new video that promotes the release of her book, "Different." Moon's book challenges us to consider the meaning of business differentiation and what it takes to be different in a way that actually MAKES a difference. Watch the three-minute video on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26PVrm4iLA0.

The video "Different" follows XPLANE's unique style of using simple graphics to communicate a larger, more complex topic. For this piece we developed text and images, and paired them with a soundtrack to communicate Moon's important message. The video is done in black and white iconic art, with the use of color and hand-rendered drawings to make a point.

The book "Different" is published by Crown Business. For more information, visit www.youngmemoon.com or www.xplane.com. You can view it here or use this link to click through to YouTube.

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