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Charyl Looper

Charyl Looper brings over 22 years of design thinking through print, interactive, and learning solutions. An award-winning designer, she has partnered with a wide range of clients: Intel, Nike, Avon, Harley-Davidson, Motorola, Pioneer Electronics, Canon, and more. Charyl enjoys design strategy and visual problem solving— always striving for that visual "Aha Moment." Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Charyl currently resides in Portland, Oregon, and can often be found walking her dog in the rain with a mug of phenomenal coffee. Prior to finding the perfect fit of design and problem solving at XPLANE, Charyl worked with advertising and design agencies—from billboards for Warner Bros. to food shots for Chick-fil-A. The next path led to teaching others through learning modules and programs and designing interactive games to ward off the decline of cognitive disease in elders.

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