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Cynthia Owens

In her role as a consultant, Cynthia Owens helps clients make sense of complex issues. She designs and leads discovery sessions with clients. She relies on the principles of visual thinking, co-creating solutions with clients, and people centered design to make XPLANE solutions more successful, faster. XPLANE brings together Cynthia's experience as a journalist, media executive, and management consultant. She is curious and knows how to ask the right questions to find the right story and the right solutions. She has experience leading multinational teams and starting new business units. She’s worked as a consultant solving complex organizational challenges. Previously, Cynthia worked for The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, CNBC Asia, and Organisation Solutions. Cynthia is an agile and innovative thinker with experience living and working in Asia for 20 years -- Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. She’s also worked for multinational companies in the U.S. -- New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Portland.

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