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Tim May

Tim May leads small teams on projects of various sizes for Fortune 100 clients. His current slate of responsibilities includes, but is not limited to, creative direction, art direction, concepting, recruiting, and "client elation." In his words, “I travel several times a month to on-site meetings with clients where I, together with a business consultant, work to diagnose and visualize a solution to a business challenge. I then return to the ecologically balanced Portland area, where I guide the project through completion with a number of designers, animators, illustrators, copywriters, voice-talent...whatever is necessary to make utter awesomeness.” Before working at XPLANE, Tim was an art director at Curiosity in Portland. Earlier work included stints at Hewlett-Packard as a creative lead for an innovation and consulting team and senior design work for AdTools, an interactive design and animation studio in Boston.

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